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Mystro Games

All the News

This part of the site shows all the news that has been on the site. Ordered from Newest to Oldest.


April 5, 2005
NEW Forum and Scripts
I got a NEW and BETTER forum hosted by, I put a link below this. Also, I added some gamemaker scripts, they're in the tutrorial section.


March 26, 2005
Well, i got a forum hosted by, I put a link below this. The forums are suppost to be used for Gamemaker, Rpgmaker, Resourses and Site questions only.

Go to my Forum


March 18, 2005
Fixed Links
All the links on the example page were down,
I fixed them!
They should be working. If not, please send me an email.


March 2, 2005
Construction finshed
Wow, that was fast... I thought it would take all day. Well, I'm done, i may have to do major construction latter. 


March 2, 2005
Well, as you can see, the pictures and downloads don't work. That's because the site's under major construction. I'll take a while....


March 1, 2005
New Look
As you can see, I added a new look to the site. Hope you like it. If you don't like it, please contact me!
Coming things:
 - A Gamemaker Tutorial (delayed, may come next week)


February 21, 2005
I added somethings for anyone who needs to know.
 - A better/more convenient (I may have spelt
   that wrong) Contact page
 - A Gamemaker 6.0 3D example.
 - Introduction Page
Coming things:
 - A Gamemaker Tutorial


February 15, 2005
Mystro here,
Yesterday, there was an error on tripod, just to inform you. Well, it removed my site for a while. It's back up now. Ya, that's all.
Oh, ya.
I added a Rpgmaker 2003 example and a hit counter...
I think that's it!


February 11, 2005
Site Grand Opening
Mystro here,
Site Opening today! Hurray!
What will be on the site?
- Gamemaker for one
- Rpgmaker (2k, 2k3, XP)
- Examples and tutorials for them
- Links to good sites
- Stuff like that
What's added?
Well, I added some things to do with gamemaker, links, its all the things currently on the site right now. Have a look.