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Mystro Games


Here's the current downloads

An excellent gamemaking program. Ok, I put 3 versions, let me explain why. If you DON'T want to register (cost: $20 US,  $25 Can or 15 euro) I would HIGHLY suggest getting gamemaker 5.0. If you are willing to register and want a good grafic gamemaker (needs good video card) get gamemaker 6.0. If you registered and you have a bad video card or you want low grafic games (like for platforms), get gamemaker 5.3a.
Whoa, that was long.

download Gamemaker 5.0

download Gamemaker 5.3a

download Gamemaker 6.0

A Role Playing Game (RPG) Maker. This game maker it made for RPG's but you can make other game types too. I put two versions. Rpg maker 2003 has a side view type of battle and is more straight forward than XP. Rpgmaker XP enables you to use code, making it more customizable and has a different "default" battle system (Can be Customized by code).

download Rpgmaker 2003 (mirior)

download Rpgmaker Xp (mirior)

Rpgmaker Patches
These patches fix lots of things. Install in the rpgmaker directory.

download Rpgmaker 2003 Patch

download Rpgmaker XP Patch

Rpgmaker XP Help
This is a help file for Rpgmaker XP that is in english but it's not complete. Yet it's still usefull!

download Rpgmaker XP help file

This is a required dll for Rpgmaker XP. It is included in the setup file but sometimes, for some reason, the file doesn't install. If it doesn't install on your computer, download this and put it in your system folder (inside your windows folder).

download RGSS100J.dll