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Mystro Games


Heres all of the current editable examples:
Pictures are used represent difficulties for each.

Click here to see legend for difficulties.


Basic Example
This example is of a basic game for beginners to look at. Runs only with gamemaker versions from 5.0 to 5.3a.


download Basic Example

Online Example
This example is a way of making an online game. It's like a game where a person runs a server and people connect to it. Runs only with gamemaker 5.3a.
Comment: Remember to run the server before testing.


download Online Example


download Online Example version 2

NEW!! Gamemaker 6 verson of the online example #1

3D Person Example
Shows how to make a game with a 3d person. Includes a 3rd person view or a side view option. Runs only with gamemaker version 6.0.


download 3D Person Example


Adventure Example
This example shows a way of making an adventure type game on Rpgmaker 2003. Runs only on Rpgmaker 2003.


download Adventure Example